Nafre Pool

A few metres before reaching Copons, the Riera Gran stream comes to a large drop, its waters falling attractively into the Nafre Pool.

Santa Càndia, a water adventure

Some places in Catalonia are hidden, forgotten, known to only a few. They’re nothing spectacular, but very pleasant all the same. There are a quite a few of these places in the area around Orpí, a town largely unknown by the general public: Santa Càndia.

La Fou de Tous

Set right in the middle of a dry land area in the county of Anoia, along a path that takes just over an hour to complete, you’ll find a beauty spot with trees, water and plenty of vegetation: La Fou de Tous

Discovering the hidden waterfalls of Cabrera de Anoia

Our country may be small but it’s also surprising.
Take for example the group of waterfalls in the municipality of Cabrera de Anoia, just a stone’s throw from the Alt Penedès region. They’re a little-known marvel located where the Bleda Torrent becomes a stream that flows from Canaletes to Bedorc.